WFSA 2020-2024 Konsül ve Yönetim Kurulu seçimleri ile ilgili adaylıklar hakkında

  • 12 Mart 2020 Perşembe

Saygıdeğer TARD Üyeleri,

WFSA Genel Sekreterliği’nden Derneğimize gelen 2020 – 2024 Konsül ve Yönetim Kurulu seçimleri ile ilgili adaylıklar hakkındaki bilgi ve gereklilikler aşağıda İngilizce olarak verilmiştir.

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TARD Yönetim Kurulu


Counter/Additional Nominations for 2020-2024 WFSA Council Now Open

2020-2024 WFSA Council (at large/regional positions) and for the WFSA Board (Officer roles - President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Programmes and Director of Partnerships)

Current Council Nominees can be found at

Current Board Nominees can be found at

Additional/counter nominations must be supported by 3 WFSA Member Societies acting together.

Prerequisites for nomination:

1) Candidates for the Board or Council must be currently proposed to be, or have been in the past, Delegates or Alternates of their Society to the General Assembly.
2) Candidates must be present at the General Assembly on the 5th September 2020 when they are nominated.
3) Candidates, if elected, must participate in the first face-to-face meetings of the Council, and of the Board, to take place during the World Congress, at their own expense.
4) Candidates must show commitment and willingness to be active in the aims of the WFSA.
5) Candidates whose National Society is not in good standing (i.e. up-to-date with the payment of its annual subscription) will not be considered.
6) Nominations must be completed by the 5th August 2020.

Nomination process:
Submissions must be made online at and submitted by 5th August 2020.

Submissions must include:
1. A completed application.
2. An abbreviated CV (no more than one A4 page).
3. A passport-style photograph (jpeg format).
4. Letters of support from the nominee’s WFSA Member Society and 2 other Member Societies supporting the nomination.

In accordance with Article 4.1.6 of the WFSA Constitution, the lists of current nominees can be found on our website as indicated above. The full list (including any counter/additional nominations) will be published no later than two weeks before the General Assembly meets.