Advanced Airway Course - Hands on with Fresh Frozen Cadavers

Advanced Airway Course - Hands on with Fresh Frozen Cadavers

10 March 2018



10.03.2018 The University of TOBB ETU Medical School-Basic Sciences Laboratory, Ankara

This fresh frozen cadaver course is aimed at Senior Anesthesiology and Reanimation residents and specialists, ICU physicians and Emergency Medicine specialists who have primarily completed the basic airway management course. The course will be organized at the anatomy laboratory as a full day course.

This is a highly practical course with emphasis on “hands on” experience with small groups, so each delagate will be very comfortable with the fibreoptic intubation abilities by the end of the course. Each participant will have a chance to make practice on fresh frozen cadavers, mannikins and  calf necks.  Fresh frozen  cadavers offer a unique opportunity for airway management training because the physician can interact with, and visualize, human tissue with normal tissue turgor.

Facilitators include consultant anesthesiologists  from,  both  Europe and Turkey experinced in airway teaching and simulation.

Topics of the course:

•          Airway ultrasonography

•          McCoy Laryngoscope and optical stylet assisted tracheal intubation

•          Videolaryngoscopy

•          Fiberoptical  bronkoskopic intubation (oral/nasal)

•          Fiberoptic broncoscopic intubation via supraglottic airway devices

•          Cricothyrotomy (needle/surgical)

•          Emergency jet ventilation


It will be sufficiant for you to register in the single-day course on Saturday or Sunday as it covers the same subjects. Up to 35 participants can be enrolled per course total 70 participants in two days. As we have limited quota, registration will be performed based on the order of application.


Course Director: Hülya Bilgin, Kamil Toker, Jülide Ergil


Details  concerning  the course can be accessible  through our offical website, and

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